Super Simple Tower Locking and More! InvisaGig v1.0.10 Details.

We made scanning your cell towers AND locking to them Super Simple™, and a bunch more features you asked for!

Hey there, InvisaGig users! While the Holidays may be over for most folks, we wanted to make sure everyone got one last “gift” as we move into the New Year: an InvisaGig software update! Version 1.0.10 includes a bunch of cool updates and fixes for your InvisaGig that you're going to love. Let's dive right in!

Multiple Bug Fixes

  • Syntax Error Be Gone - Remember that annoying ‘syntax error’ that kept showing up on Live Signal when your modem was hopping between bands? We fixed it!
  • LTE Bands List Restored - If you had trouble seeing LTE bands when your Network Mode was on “LTE:NR5G” with NSA off, that is all sorted now.
  • Dark Mode-Friendly Colors - For those who loved the Dark Mode sneak peak we released last year, we've updated the color coding on the Live Signal and Internet Status displays so they're easy to read.
  • 5G SA Tower Locking Issue Resolved - Had trouble manually entering SCS values in Mhz for 5G SA Tower Locking? That's fixed now.
  • LTE Multiple Cell Locking Now Works - We also corrected the way multiple LTE tower cell locks were being generated so no more issue when attempting to lock more than one LTE cell at a time!

Feature Enhancements – You Asked, We Delivered

    • All Network Info in One Place - Now, find all your network details right at the top of the ‘Modem Info’ section.
    • Smarter Internet Status Check - We've upgraded our logic to give you a more accurate picture of your connectivity, not just a ping result.
    • Know Your Network Mode Easily - Check the ‘CURRENT NETWORK MODE’ under the Network Mode menu at a glance.
    • Time and Uptime Display - We've added ‘CURRENT TIME’ and ‘UPTIME’ to the Modem Info page for your convenience.
    • Dark Mode Menu Toggle - Love Dark Mode but couldn’t remember how to toggle it? Now activate or deactivate it easily from the main menu.
    • Warning Texts - Those repetitive warning texts will now show up just once per session saving you valuable time when navigating between configuration menu options.
    • Schedule Your Restarts - While not typically needed, you can now set up hourly, daily, or weekly restarts of your IG device if desired to keep things running smoothly no matter your usage scenario.
    • Connection WatchDog - This new feature checks your Internet connectivity at a preset interval you choose (5, 15, or 30 minutes) and takes intelligent, automatic action to restore connectivity if needed.
    • Carrier Profiles Added - We've added profiles for T-Mobile Business Internet, Verizon Home Internet, and more!
  • Security Enhancements - Your security is our top priority. That's why we've implemented various enhancements to keep your InvisaGig secure.
  • Tower Scanning & Locking Revamp - We've overhauled the Tower Scanning & Locking features and combined them into one neat package accessed using a single menu option. Now, you can scan local towers and lock onto them with ease, whether they're LTE or 5G. The scan results? They're neatly organized by carrier, signal strength, and even color-coded for easy visual analysis. Tower ID is also included so you can reference physical tower locations from sites like CellMapper where available.

What's Next

  • Modem Stats Interface - Establish an interface for exposing modem metrics for telemetry consumption. (Think web dashboard)
  • User Profiles - Toggle between multiple configurations quickly without the need to change multiple settings manually.
  • Tailscale - We're exploring Tailscale integration for secure, remote management.

That's all for now, folks! We're committed to making your InvisaGig experience the best it can be. Keep an eye out for more updates, and as always, let us know your thoughts and feedback so we can continue making InvisaGig…

Super simple. Crazy Fast.

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