Why was InvisaGig created?

Simplicity in a complexity proud industry

In a world increasingly dominated by technology, we observed a growing divide. On one side, the ever-evolving, often overcomplicated tech landscape. On the other, everyday individuals who simply want to connect, create, and communicate. As a small, self-funded tech start-up, we asked ourselves: how could we bridge this gap? Our answer was to develop technology that is both sophisticated and simple, designed for 'normal' people navigating a digital world. The result? The InvisaGig Connectivity Platform.

It's no secret that the prevailing trend in the industry has been to sell all-in-one router wifi systems. Yet, we recognized that what many customers truly needed was just a high-quality, user-friendly cellular Internet connection to use with their existing WiFi system. Despite countless requests from customers for such a solution, a practical option was conspicuously absent from the market. This propelled us to design the InvisaGig, a connectivity platform that delivers speed and stability using the latest 5G technology, without necessitating a complete wifi system overhaul.

Moreover, we noticed the cellular LTE and 5G modem industry seemed hell-bent on pushing consumers to buy new devices every few years, a practice that results in complete system replacements. With InvisaGig, we put an end to this frustrating cycle. Our system allows users to keep their existing wifi router systems, simply adding the InvisaGig to provide the high-speed internet they desire.

As an American company, we have worked tirelessly to ensure the InvisaGig embodies our values. We are working hard to have our product as "Made in America" as possible, developed by a dedicated team of Americans who share a passion for creating technology that works well, is easy to use, and improves the lives of our customers. Our core mission is to deliver simplified Internet connectivity that is both effortless and accessible. With the InvisaGig platform, we're proud to say we've embodied our motto: 'Super Simple. Crazy Fast.'