A view, from an angle, of the InvisaGig Cellular Connectivity System. It is a clear image of the product itself with all four of the antennae attached.

The InvisaGig platform exclusively features the Qualcomm 5G Snapdragon x62 based, Quectel Wireless RM520N-GL Modem.


2.5 Gig Ethernet to fully utilize the crazy fast speeds of the InvisaGig.

Low power requirements
12VDC Input

Equipped with four SMA antenna connector ports, for easy antenna connection and replacement.

Four ultra wide band, 600-6000MHz, high quality 'paddle style' omni-directional antennas come stock with the InvisaGig unit. 

Easy to access and use Mini-SIM slot for use with all standard SIM card sizes. A SIM adapter is included.

Efficient, passive cooling paired with a high quality Noctua fan which activates active cooling only if temps reach 65°C, and above.

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Ultra Fast Internet.

Super Simple. Crazy Fast.

InvisaGig is blazing fast wireless internet connectivity, without complex configurations or setup.

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Featuring the Quectel RM520N-GL Modem

An image of the Quectel RM520N-GL 5G modem. It is a view of the front of the modem component itself.

We install the modem and pair it with our purpose-built platform, letting you tap into the blazing fast potential of 5G technology. No complicated installations or confusing configurations.


A simple connectivity solution for the rest of us.

What is InvisaGig?

InvisaGig is:

  • An easy-to-use connectivity platform, NOT a another router. Designed to work seamlessly with your existing router or WiFi system. Eliminate complexity by simply  configuring InvisaGig and connecting it to your existing router's Ethernet WAN port for immediate online access.
    • No router? No problem! The InvisaGig can be directly connected to a device such as a PC or mobile device (USB-to-Ethernet adapter may be required).
  • Simple.
    • We made a modem user interface without frills and fancy graphics to keep your experience simple and straightforward.
    • There is no advanced user mode.
    • This is advanced tech but with simple controls.
  • Adaptable.
    • Equipped with four SMA antenna connectors. You can use the included ultra high quality paddle style dipole omni-directional antennas, or you can connect high quality coaxial RF cabling to upgrade your signal with a high powered outdoor antenna system.
  • Complete.
    • Everything you need to connect your InvisaGig to any ethernet equipped device is included. All you need to add is your data plan and SIM card.
  • The Fastest.
    • Featuring the Quectel Wireless RM520N-GL.
    • Leveraging advanced 5G technology of Qualcomm's Snapdragon x62 SoC

InvisaGig works with

Various Home wifi routers from various popular manufacturers. InvisaGig can be used with any of these home routers to serve internet connectivity to.
Home WiFi Routers
Ethernet router with lots of ethernet cords plugged in. InvisaGig can be used with home and commercial routers.
Home and Commercial Routers
Various WiFi Mesh Systems from various manufacturers. All of which the InvisaGig can serve an internet connection to.
Mesh WiFi Systems
Commercial Servers, something InvisaGig can be used with for failover connectivity.
Commercial Servers
Picture of a USB to Ethernet adapter that can be used to plug the InvisaGig into a laptop or mobile device.
Direct to Device

Where can I get one?