Cellular Internet Connectivity Platform

Various other image angles of the InvisaGig product.

Featuring the Quectel RM520N-GL Modem

We install the modem and pair it with our purpose-built platform, letting you tap into the blazing fast potential of 5G technology. No complicated installations or confusing configurations.

What can InvisaGig do, in normal people speak?

InvisaGig is not only extremely simple to use but also incredibly fast. Experience the fastest speeds available with the latest in 5G cellular connectivity.

Experience painless configuration via the menu-driven web interface. Setup can be as easy as inserting a SIM card, depending on carrier and plan. If you do need to configure any settings in order to connect, numbered menu options with straightforward descriptions provide an intuitive setup experience. InvisiGig brings you the power of 5G without all the complexity.

InvisaGig is secure by design. With no WiFi or Bluetooth capability for hackers to exploit, you can rest easy knowing that the only connection into the unit is through its hardwired Ethernet port.

What can I do with InvisaGig?

InvisaGig provides a blazing fast 5G internet connection to any device with an Ethernet port.

Already have a router? Maybe you even have one with a cellular modem, but you want an upgrade to take advantage of the latest 5G technology?
With InvisaGig, there is no need to go through the hassle of replacing your existing system just to get the fastest speeds available. Simply plug the InvisaGig unit into your router’s WAN port as a new Internet source and be up and running, at blazing speeds, in no time!

Need WiFi that supports more than the ~5-10 devices that most hotspots are limited to at one time? Connect InvisaGig to a full-fledged WiFi access point to support as many wireless clients as you need or connect to a WiFi router to provide internet to both wired and wireless devices.

Away from home with your laptop, desktop, gaming system, or tablet? Connect InvisaGig directly to your device’s Ethernet port or USB-to-Ethernet adapter for a quick, stable Internet connection. No router required.

Whether you have TVs, point of sale systems, security cameras, etc., InvisaGig can provide you with the Internet connectivity you need via direct Ethernet or USB-to-Ethernet adapter.

What can I NOT do with InvisaGig?

InvisaGig provides a direct Internet connection using 5G cellular technology. However, its implementation of 5G connectivity is unique in the market:

InvisaGig is not a router and cannot be used directly with basic network switches.

InvisaGig is not a WiFi system and has no wireless capabilities on its own (outside of 5G connectivity to the cellular network).

InvisaGig is not a hotspot and is not battery powered.

InvisaGig is not a ‘tinker-friendly’ platform and does not support modification of its underlying components.

InvisaGig *is* a super simple, crazy fast connectivity platform which provides a 5G Internet connection to any connected Ethernet device.

What is still being developed?

InvisaGig is a fresh entry into the 5G connectivity space, intended to be a fully standalone Internet connectivity solution for use with with your existing Ethernet device and/or network router. Our vision going forward is to make InvisaGig a fully integrated device, certified and supported on all major carrier networks.

Our inaugural release features the powerful Quectel RM520N-GL modem at its core, combined with both commodity and bespoke hardware components that we believe intersect at the sweet spot of form and function. Combined with our powerful yet intuitive user interface that nearly anyone can use, InvisaGig is the culmination of our efforts to immediately deliver customers the turnkey 5G connectivity solution they have been demanding.

As InvisaGig moves beyond our initial platform release towards a fully integrated and certified device, we commit to upgrading all early platform units to certified units at no additional cost (minus shipping); pending warranty registration.

As we seek feedback from our passionate user community we are open to feature requests and additional constructive input as we map out the product roadmap ahead. Please submit any requests or ideas via our site contact form.

InvisaGig System Specs

Featuring the Quectel Wireless RM520N-GL 5G Modem

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon x62 5G Modem Chip.
  • Supports bands on all major US carriers.
  • Cellular network speeds of up to 3.4Gbps (2.5Gbps actual Ethernet throughput maximum).
  • Supports 4G and 5G carrier aggregation.
  • 'Stand Alone' 5GNR and 'Non-Stand Alone' (LTE+5GNR) operation supported.
  • FirstNet Band 14 support.
  • T-Mobile Band 71 support.
  • LAA, UC band, and C band support.
  • Four antenna ports for 4×4 MIMO support.
  • Supports 2x 5GNR carrier aggregation.
  • Upload speeds rated up to 900Mbps.
  • Functions safely on all major US carrier networks according to their own defined standards.
  • Stand Alone 5GNR band support: n1/ 2/ 3/ 5/ 7/ 8/ 12/ 13/ 14/ 18/ 20/ 25/ 26/ 28/ 29/ 30/ 38/ 40/ 41/ 48/ 66/ 70/ 71/ 75/ 76/ 77/ 78/ 79
  • Non-Stand Alone 5GNR band support: n1/ 2/ 3/ 5/ 7/ 8/ 12/ 13/ 14/ 18/ 20/ 25/ 26/ 28/ 29/ 30/ 38/ 40/ 41/ 48/ 66/ 70/ 71/ 75/ 76/ 77/ 78/ 79
  • LTE Band Support: B1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 7/ 8/ 12/ 13/ 14/ 17/ 18/ 19/ 20/ 25/  26/ 28/ 29/ 30/ 32/ 66/  71

InvisaGig Hardware Platform

  • Carefully curated selection of high-speed 5G cellular modem.
  • Field tested industrial hardware components for long term reliability.
  • 2.5Gbps Ethernet port provides superfluous throughput.
  • 12VDC standard barrel connector (w/ included AC adapter)
    • Supports from 5V to 24V DC - (Max power supply of 48W. Recommended min power supply of 24W.)
      • 5V Input not recommended when using  with a host with a 2.5G Ethernet port.
  • High quality Noctua brand fan providing low-noise, active cooling to ensure peak hardware performance and longevity
  • Intelligent thermal control initiates active cooling only when temps reach 65°C+ to ensure low-noise operation and long fan life.
  • High Quality, short length, antenna cabling to reduce RF interference inside the unit.
  • Optimized enclosure size, decreasing RF signal noise and provides peak cooling efficiency.
  • Easy access 'Mini' SIM card slot, and included SIM adapter set for use with all industry standard SIM card sizes.
  • High quality, highly durable ABS plastic case manufactured in the USA.
  • Fully assembled and tested in the USA, in Tennessee.
  • All designs and custom software is US made and maintained.
    • *Electronic PCB components are commodity items made overseas. There are no claims to otherwise. A completely US made PCB design is in the plan, but it will take time to release. The modems used in the InvisaGig product will likely always be from overseas (or soon Mexico) manufacture; until a US chip manufacturer begins making them.

InvisaGig Software Platform

  • ‘Super Simple’ configuration interface that doesn’t require a fancy engineering degree to operate.
    • Some setups may be as simple as inserting the SIM, others may require minimal input via the menu driven selection options.
  • No special client software required.
    • Access the configuration interface via any laptop/desktop web browser (UI is not mobile optimized so the experience on phone/tablets may vary, thus we recommend using a laptop or desktop workstation).
  • Text based menu-driven interface for fast, intuitive setup and management.
  • Secure password protected settings.
  • Designed for regular folks.
    • InvisaGig is a turnkey connectivity solution for folks who need Internet connectivity that ‘just works’ and need to focus on priorities other than tweaking or tuning settings in order to keep their Internet connection up.
    • We do not provide a ‘power user’ or ‘tinker-friendly’ setup. InvisaGig is a wholly managed platform with a single user interface that provides connectivity over a single Ethernet port with no other interfaces provided.
    • Advanced DIY users who prefer to spend hours on building and configuring their own device need not apply. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any warranty or support to those who disassemble or attempt to modify their units.
  • Key features include:
    • Live signal status for near real-time connection stats making ideal unit and antenna placement easy.
    • Full connection details, including device and APN settings. 
    • Band locking.
    • Cell tower / band scanning.
    • Cell tower locking.
    • Multiple InvisaGig  unit configuration.
    • Carrier profile selection (both automatic and manual).
  • 'Over the Air' InvisaGig system updates.
    • Free for the life of the device.
    • Simple to check from the main menu, and quick to install (usually just a few seconds).

Physical Specs and More Details

  • InvisaGig Unit Specs:
    • Overall Case Size (Without including the antenna connectors): 5.375" x 4.563" x 1.625".
      • SMA antenna connectors extend roughly 0.3125" from the case.
    • Weight: 10oz
    • Weight with antennas attached: 16oz 
  • Antenna Specs at a Glance
    • Overall Size: 8.125" x 1.5" x 0.5625"
    • 600-6000MHz ultra-wide frequency range support
    • Standard SMA connectors
    • Flat 'paddle style' dipole omni-directional antenna design
  • Packaged InvisaGig Product
    • Dimensions: 8.5" x 6.5" x 3.75"
    • Weight: 32oz
  • Included Items
    • InvisaGig Unit
    • Power Supply
    • SIM Card Adapter Set
    • Ethernet Cable
    • 4 Detachable antennas with SMA Connectors

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