The InvisaGig Forum is Live

We've finally launched our forum, putting a central point on the internet for all to access information about the InvisaGig.

Hey InvisaGig community!

Richard here.

I wanted to drop an InvisaGig update about our new forum and ways we will be handling support and providing information along with new ways to give your feedback.

We have found that our Facebook community has been a great place for verified owners of the InvisaGig to meet up and compare notes on all things InvisaGig and Internet connectivity! This has also been a great place to give feedback!

Check it out of you are an InvisaGig owner AND you like to use Facebook:

We have been working diligently to provide support to all of our customers, and much of that support is usually customers needing the same solutions pretty frequently. To optimize the customer experience, we try to either remove the friction point and further create a "Super Simple" experience for our customers via product changes, OR if it is something out of our control (like a router issue) then we try to create support resources for all to access 24/7 on our site and via email autoresponders with links and so forth. This on top of our direct contact via forms, email, chat, text, and phone.

This is where we started to see the value in a 24/7 always available online web forumĀ  format that is modern and easy to use, while also dedicated to our brand. I myself have TONS of experience working with forums, as I have been involved in and help run the forum, now called wirelessjoint.

We decided to test how simple it would be to gather knowledge base style info, documents, and more, all in one place via a web forum format. That testing and work has resulted in us being very happy with how easy it is to both create and access information as well as engage our community, and so we have officially launched our forum!

Head on over and check it out! --

From now on we will be posting all of our updates, announcements, and support information on our official forum to make it "Super Simple and Crazy Fast" for everyone to gain access to our documentation, announcements, and community. (This part alongside our Facebook group, that we will not abandon šŸ˜‰ )

You can still contact us in all the ways we have before, that hasn't changed, and now we've added the forum!